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My goal is to understand complex technical information and process it into simple-to-read, well-organized content.

About me

About me

Hey there! My name is Linda, a professional, skilled creative writer, website content writer, article writer, and an Entrepreneur.

I’m a writer dedicated to generating technical content. I enjoy exploring digital marketing, different styles of writing as Copywriter, content writer, article writer, proofreader, blogger, website content writer, creative writer, researcher and editor. I have passion for changing.

 I find it very easy to contribute to the achievement of clients’ goals by applying different strategies. I have over 10 years of experience working as a technical writer, I have a passion for content writing as I’m good at technical writing and copywriting. I have great skills to do eye-catching and attractive content writing which must be unique from others.

My strength as a writer is adaptability, having skill to shift between different styles and tones gives me an edge over the other candidates. I have a highly organized and independent writing style which makes it possible to maintain creativity and timeliness in my assignments. Professionalism and quality is my key priority.

Linda Martínez Mena

Mother, Entrepreneur and writer-

Linda Martínez


technical writing

Technical Writing

Whether you’re trying to elevate your brand or scale your operations, we can help you stay jacked and nimble. By outsourcing content development and production, you can keep your internal teams lean and agile so you can adapt your content to market demands as quickly as possible.


Creating and maintaining a relationship of trust with visitors to your site and your prospects is essential. In the highly competitive digital world, your site needs to stand out to attract customer attention. That's only possible if your content is engaging and interesting. Transform your content into a customer-magnet by using persuasive and SEO-optimized web content.

Document audit

Document Audit

Make sure your documents are transmitting the essentials. I will help you verify your texts are correctly structured and according to the audience

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